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Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) and Daniel Puto Veridiano

Posted on: 08/29/2008

Warning: May contain image that is disturbing to others.  Not anything on a plate is good for your health.

Puto and Dinuguan. What a a lethal combination!

Actually, I’m thinking of a better name for this team other than Task force liquidate Soriano at all cost”.

How about, “INCJUSTICE LEAGUE” – a league of powerful evils joined together to protect INC, injustice, and anything of pure evil. Sounds perfect, eh?

For a start, let’s profile one of them.

  1. Daniel Veridiano (aka “Puto”)

A former member of Ang Dating Daan (ADD) until he was removed from the group being guilty of numerous crimes which includes (but not limited to) sexual assaults, theft, and forgery.

He was once entrusted in the church’s I.T. department and many members know him by the nickname “Puto”.

But not until his hidden crimes were finally exposed, he was then excommunicated and trashed.

Luckily, some garbage collectors known as “The Manalists” found a ditched puto on the ground and picked it up quickly saying “wala pang five minutes, pwede pa yan!”.

And after nurturing his full evil potentials by the powerful INCJUSTICE LEAGUE seniors, he then became the one son of a bitch himself.

People can now summon his name for all their filthy needs — just shout, “CHUPER PUTO”.

Puto meets Dinuguan ... yucks!!!

Puto meets dinuguan (or pork blood stew) ...super yucks!!!

Puto (in Spanish Profanity)

  • the masculine form of puta or “prostitute”
  • literally translates as “man-whore”, which is often used as a derogatory term for gay males in Mexican Spanish, similar to the American slang word “faggot“. It is also used to mean “bastard”. However, the term is also used to describe an unmanly act such as cowardice.
  • it is a pejorative for a gay man (this usage is present in Don Quixote);
  • a comment on a man being sexually loose (depending on context or tone, it can be extremely offensive or just a joke);
  • could also be translated as “fucking”, “shitty” or “bloody”; (examples: ¡dame el puto dinero! means “give me the fucking money”; ¡puto infierno! would mean “bloody hell”)
  • Puto is a song by Molotov.

Members of the Church of God International (MCGI) consider Puto’s crimes more serious than what Jude Iscariot did. Well, at least for some point, Jude (or Judas) did not raped 14 young males, and somewhat felt (late) remorse for all his crimes then killed himself.

Next time, I’ll be divulging here the other members of the INCJUSTICE LEAGUE, and an in-depth review of their super powers.

Maybe with pictures too.

Darker than Batman’s Dark Night or more sinister than Joker?

You choose. 😀

But for now, click here.

3 Responses to "Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) and Daniel Puto Veridiano"

What happened now to Puto Veridiano? any news on him?? What he did to the Church is truly sinful.

Shame of him!!


oo nga,
kahit anong kulay ng puto (puti, dilaw, o pink),
pag sumama na sa dinuguan,
siguradong i-ITIM 😀
bagay talaga. magkakulay pa!

bagay talaga ang puto sa dinuguan haha.. bro tama po mas oldskul ang tabulas sa livejournal 😀

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