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An ode to the poor but intelligent man

Posted on: 09/08/2008

The Philippines should be thankful that she is blessed with an intelligent but poor man who never hesitate to speak with all honesty and warn her of all signs of religious politicking.

Yet very recently, news reports made an image of the poor man as an international fugitive courtesy of an alleged rape issue which many believe was an invented case.

It looks like anytime or wherever the poor man speaks of the truth, he receives blows of persecutions in any avenues the religious orders have network and power – the media, the highest courts of the land, and now, the international police.  Making the poor man the abuser than the abused, the exploitative than exploited, the influential members of these religious fraternities now find reason to laugh at, malign and torment him.

Like the dirty face of politics in this land, religious orders in the Philippines continue to look hideous and hypocritical that dates back since the Spanish friars’ conquest of the ancient Philippines.  And very unlike their predecessors, these professed modern religious and “sanctified” holy are blood thirsty, sucking every imaginable resources of their members to the point of no escape.

Unschooled but with wisdom beyond compare

His not completing his high school education is often exploited by his detractors to ridicule the poor man.  But he never take the chance of getting a university degree even though he can effortlessly earn one; he refused to be lured by the aura of the academic laurels.

He thought he would be better off without them if he will devote his time studying God’s words. After all, he believes, with God on his side, he can have the best education, and he will never get lost in his walk on earth.

But he remains a nobody in his land.  That poor man who is often misunderstood is Bro. Eli Soriano.

He may be likened to Jose Rizal, the first Filipino martyr who was killed because he stood firm with his principles and fought hard through his writings for the rights of his fellow indio bravos.

But that poor man is incomparable to Rizal. That poor man, Bro. Eli Soriano, would not only defend the rights of his countrymen. He fights hard the enemies of the truth to defend the rights of the people in the world – to tell them of the truth that they ought to know in order to escape the clutches of their abusive and exploitative preachers, pastors and priests.

For this poor man is only but motivated by the truth he understands from his Master so he speaks.  He is uncomfortable every time he sees or hears errors and deceits uttered or taught by these self-styled religious speakers and preachers.

He will not just let any moment pass without censuring the false preachers or evangelists of their scriptural lapses.  Every time he questions and criticizes the religious supremos who carelessly and intentionally teach new sets of doctrines not taught by God, he tells them that he only reads his basis – the Bible, the irrefutable words of God spoken by Jesus Christ, the apostles and the prophets.

War is never waged for those who side with the truth. He go with them.  Only he is warrior and enemy to those who use his Master’s words to deceive people.  His commission on earth is to speak what his Master told him to speak, and act what he is asked to act.

15 - Now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet no man remembered that same poor man.

Eccle. 9:15 - Now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet no man remembered that same poor man.

Who will speak for the poor and intelligent man?

So who then will speak for this poor man? Who will defend him in man’s courts?

No matter how far, how expensive and how far-reaching this vision may take the poor man, he said he will not cease doing the right thing. He will speak so long as his Master gives him the life, the voice and the heart.

And if one listens intently, he only begs for people to read the Bible with him. Because by reading along the verses and the passages where he bases what he is preaching, the people may soon realize the deceptions and the errors in most religious doctrines that made a fool of them at the expense of their souls in eternal damnation.

But for those who will study this man, carefully and sensitively, the rich library of his jeremiad in television, radio and the internet will only reveal overwhelming gems of heart-warming lessons of love, compassion and forgiveness.

He once told his television audience, teary-eyed, with face so peaceful, that he is willing to be the poorest of all people, just to do what he believe will bring the word of Truth to all people, and see the glory of his Master.

And should he die in this mission, and in this war between the truth and lies, the poor man will only but feel joy that even in the smallest way, he has done everything to defend the side of the Truth with faith, love and loyalty.

For only God knows the purity and innocence of his conscience.  Of the poor but intelligent man.

3 Responses to "An ode to the poor but intelligent man"

What a nice post! I am so delighted you decided to publish it.

Ur so butakal puto!!!! Ikaw ang rapist! kung kani kanino mo pa binibintang. Ikaw ang nang rape ng more or less 20 ka mga kabataan tapos ang lakas ng loob mong magbentang sa taong walang malay!!!..Palibhasa malapit na ang araw mo para lumangoy ka sa impyerno kaya ganyan ka..ginagamit nyo pa ang gma na walang paninindigan at bayaran…madali lang sulsulan!!! May araw din kayo! pasalamat kayo bawal sa amin gumanti ng masama sa ginagawa nyong kasamaan!!! Di nyo kami mapapaniwala sa mga inimbento nyo!!!.

Salamat nalang sa mga paninira nyo GMA. Lalo na ikaw, Clavio! Biased ka pa … milyones man ang ibabayad sayo ni Manalo para ipalabas yang inimbento ni Puto … di mo rin yan madala sa impyerno!!! Magsamasama na kayo ni Manalo!! Di ko sukat akalain..bayaran ka pala! boycot na namin ang GMA … walang kwentang network!!!

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