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Eliseo Soriano vs. Felix Manalo: Who Abandoned Who?

Posted on: 03/05/2009

There are issues that never seem to rest. One issue is the allegation that Bro. Eli Soriano abandoned his congregation. But looking closely and thinking deeply using facts and data, who really abandoned his flock? Is it Bro. Soriano or the one pinpointing him as such?

In this blog post by Emily Jordan, Eliseo Soriano vs. Felix Manalo: Who Abandoned Who?, she asks the said question and gave her balanced assessment of the matter, even providing references that are verifiable and reliable because it came directly from the horse’s mouth himself.

Here are some excerpts from this blog article –

Bro. Eli leads The Old Path program and is always at the frontline. He does not hide like other preachers whose shadows cannot even be seen on television. Members of the Church of God International, the Church Bro. Eli leads, are witnesses to his activities even when he is outside the Philippines. Biblically speaking, one of the qualities of the preacher who was given by God the duty to preach His words is COURAGE. He does not hide when it comes to fulfilling his duty of preaching the Word of God by any means possible, in all places reachable, just like what Bro. Eli is doing right now.

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As follows are other interesting articles that look like parts of a series on the blogger Emily Jordan`s studies about the Iglesia ni Cristo founder, Felix Manalo.

5 Responses to "Eliseo Soriano vs. Felix Manalo: Who Abandoned Who?"

I stand corrected, I ask forgiveness to Miss Jordan. I didn’t read your report. I just thought that she was biased. But when i go over her report and read them it was a report that i would say leaning to the truth.

What I can say with those enemies of Bro. Eli Soriano is that fill in the sins that you are fathers did and se yuos ma’ase.

This allegation of abandonment is definitely not true! We all know that who ever put himself or herself afront to declare against Bro. Eli Soriano is definitely a part of misleading campaign of the enemy of the Church Of God in the Bible. To me, Miss Emily Jordan is deceived. She doesn’t know what is going on in this life. I pity her. You put yourself in the side of the enemy of God to write a blog that bravely and proudly mislead anyone.

For your information, Bro. Eli Soriano never abandons the members of the Church of God, International. He teaches us everytime we congregate. But this time, The scope becomes bigger and wider. It encompases the world members! This Earth!And the pulpit becomes higher in order for him to see everyone. How dare you write a blog that misleads.

Surely, Miss Jordan is barking on the wrong tree. That’s for the meantime i can say.

Hafa Day to you all.

This interpol thing is part of the smear campaigns by the enemies of Preacher Soriano.

You will immediately notice that this is part of a grand plan to discredit the person of Bro. Eli, to the point of putting him to shame.

I found this article posted more than eight months ago by the Philippine edition of the Christian Post Online, its title is “Religious discrimination against the people of “Ang Dating Daan” gets bitter”

To review the article, please click below –

Proof that Bro. Eli is really the same tireless soul who keeps on preaching and preaching in spite all the hurdles and obstacles his enemies pour out to him, preacher Soriano recently bagged the highest award in the Philippine’s most prestigious award-giving body for online presence.

He was unanimously declared the people’s favorite, besting all the websites that joined in this year’s Philippine Web Awards, including the TV darling, ABS-CBN, Metrobank, Ayala Land Inc., and some high profile celebrities of the land.

Here is the link to that news >>>

Bro. Eli never abandoned the congregation; his journey in foreign lands made people understand that what they believe is not true. There were parched souls that were quenched because of the teachings in the Bible he (Bro. Eli Soriano) preaches. And besides, had there been any occurrence that Felix Manalo had been in the midst of his fellows to preach and answer questions from people? That’s definitely a good thing to ponder – WHO ABANDONED WHO?

This popped out of the shell after reading this article?

Bro. Eli – visible in Internet [Webcast, Blog, etc.], TV Programs [local and international], Radio Programs, Bible Exposition [live appearances in land and seas], presides Church gatherings, etc.

Felix Manalo –What has he done for people who seek for truth?

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