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This is an article published on February 4 in the blog of Jane Abao.  The blog is titled, Liecaster steals name of Truthcaster, posts a slander and gets a shut-up.  It is very interesting to note that the citizen journalism site, listened to public clamor and the editors who pointed out that this certain Conrad Obligacion a.k.a. Truthcaster the Fake is cybersquatting and publishing materials that his leader asked him do – malign and slander Bro. Eli Soriano because he speaks of the Truth.

Here are the first few paragraphs from that post –

A man who stole the name of Preacher Eliseo Soriano goes online in to humiliate the owner of that name but gets a warning for closure for possible slander.

Identified as Conrad J. Obligacion in, this guy sporting the name, “Truthcaster” ironically has Eliseo Soriano as his object of destruction. Evangelist Soriano has been for years sporting the name, “Truthcaster” in his Bible Expositions online. From his many years of broadcasting truth, he is known as Truthcaster in many quarters.

The unidentified reporter with clear connections with the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) posted a story on January 21, 2009 titled “Behind Phillip Garcia’s libelous ramblings” in Garcia earlier wrote in another news site, in an article titled, “Behind the Iglesia ni Cristo’s King Maker Role: A Chain of Crimes and Mythical Numbers”.

The INC is publicly known for filing case after case against the preacher, using for witnesses people that Soriano had excommunicated from the Ang Dating Daan (ADD) group. The latest was that they had Soriano on the Interpol’s wanted list for “Sex Crimes.” Soriano had earlier excommunicated a gay from his congregation who was found out from investigations that he had raped some 14 of his subordinates. In retaliation, Daniel Veridiano, alias “Puto” filed a rape case against the preacher. This was when he had to leave Soriano’s group where he could no longer be accepted for flagrant disobedience to church doctrines.

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The tabloid media are widely used in the religious feud between the Eraño Manalo’s Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) and Bro. Eli Soriano of the Ang Dating Daan.  Recently, the broadsheets are seen the latest participants in this propaganda by Soriano’s detractors and critics.

Tabloid newspapers are generally sensationalistic and biased in the Philippines.  Usually, facts and information are muddled with gossips and controversies.  The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, and Philippine Journal

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Love and hate, good and evil, truth and lies — People has the power to choose and do what they please. While there are SOME who earnestly promote love, goodwill, and truth — conversely, there are MORE people who doggedly do the opposite.

To Christians, being hated, persecuted, or falsely accused is no marvel to them. It’s but to be expected. (1 John 3:13)

Throughout the history of man’s service to God, it’s an obvious fact that being maligned and hated does not mean you are automatically the ‘BAD GUY’.

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Warning: May contain image that is disturbing to others.  Not anything on a plate is good for your health.

Puto and Dinuguan. What a a lethal combination!

Actually, I’m thinking of a better name for this team other than Task force liquidate Soriano at all cost”.

How about, “INCJUSTICE LEAGUE” – a league of powerful evils joined together to protect INC, injustice, and anything of pure evil. Sounds perfect, eh?

For a start, let’s profile one of them.

  1. Daniel Veridiano (aka “Puto”)

A former member of Ang Dating Daan (ADD) until he was removed from the group being guilty of numerous crimes which includes (but not limited to) sexual assaults, theft, and forgery.

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Ang Dating Daan + adherent = ADDherent

“Let love be without dissimulation.
Abhor that which is evil;
cleave to that which is good.”
Romans 12:9 (KJV)

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