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Bro. Eliseo Soriano is Innocent

An Open Letter (So People May Know)


Dear fellowmen, friends, sympathizers and those who believe in the innocence of Eli Soriano,


The spate of issues and negative publicity hurled against the Ang Dating Daan preacher Eliseo Soriano cannot belie one fact. That his enemies, the Iglesia ni Cristo and allies, are doing all means to execute a master plan they themselves have concocted – “Task force liquidate Eliseo Soriano at ALL COST”.

For all we know, the enemies are succeeding in this design – to create an image opposite and contrary to the person of the international evangelist Bro. Eli Soriano. Today, Soriano is globally preaching, visiting one country after another. But his enemies want him stopped.

Just look at the past and latest issues that the media developed and have so successfully made against Bro. Eli – one time he was land grabber, one time he was opportunist, juicing every cent from members, one time he was libelous, and this time, he was a sex crime offender. But none of these issues are true!

It only took his enemies power, money and wide net of influence to have perfected this grand design. To say the least, these enemies use its members, the hapless souls, who are unwarily being sold as part of the bloc vote package to every politician who are desiring a sure, landslide victory come election race. This is no mere coincidence that we know of these things, there are many reports and blogs that investigated about this already.

Now, they have opened a stage for the world to watch and believe about Bro. Eli – as criminal offender. And now, the Interpol, an international police governing body, may be believing this imagined issue. For everyone’s information – They have completed the data in the Interpol. It is sex crimes that they impute against Soriano.

To those who know the truth, it is high time you speak! Are you just going to let another issue pass, and you will do nothing about this? Do you believe that this person has committed the SEX CRIMES imputed on him? See this link.

To the members of this Church, will you just let the enemies trample on your rights, malign and discredit your leader’s reputations, and in the end, convince thousands to millions of people that your leader is really what your enemies want the public say and believe about him.

Worst, it is not only the reputation and image of Soriano that are affected. It also put in great danger his safety, security which is now at great risk. When they put him on jail, who will speak of the truth now? Who will expose the filth and underground works of the professed religious?

Behind bars, anything can just happen. Gang wars, riots, maltreatment, and even corruption. Anything can happen, including killing Soriano. Who will stand liable then? Again, money can dictate who. It will be the same vicious cycle.

We know of only one who is undaunted, fiercely honest and brutally frank in telling the not-biblical teachings of the Iglesia ni Cristo that Christ is mere man and never a God. All the persecutions and harassment that Bro. Eli are experiencing now are all rooted to just one thing – Telling the Truth.

It is saddening and a great pity, even for a while, to be in the place of the accused. If you are him, how could you sleep when your name and photo can be viewed globally, not as a good citizen, but one among the world’s most wanted? And the glaring reality is that you are INNOCENT.

We need the help and support of everyone – we need to speak the Truth.

See an article written in Newsvine titled as “Portrait of the “raped” man for whom the Interpol would mobilize”.

The article bravely captured the essence of the issue at hand. It is a profile, in fact, of Daniel Veridiano, the person who claimed he was “raped” by Soriano. But, would you believe this man? Or, he is the shameless offender of the crimes he accused the preacher to have committed against him?

But the Philippine justice system would not let us know. Why? The case dismissing the rape charge against Soriano may already have been vanished at the docket of the legal department. We never know. But it is highly possible. Money talks.

And this Veridiano is a free man, no worries at all that he will be captured nor suffer the brunt of his offenses. Not even a tinge of remorse can be seen in this man.

This is a call to all the sympathizers, friends and members of the Church of God International. Will you just let another innocent blood suffer from all the shenanigans of the true hoodlums?

— From sympathizers and friends of Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path)

Eli Soriano, the international evangelist and host of phenomenal Filipino radio and television program The Old Path, is often the subject of harassment and persecutions in his native land, the Philippines. This site is dedicated to show our sincerest faith that he is innocent from all the issues being hurled against him.

Eli Soriano, the international evangelist and host of phenomenal Filipino radio and television program The Old Path, is often the subject of harassment and persecutions in his native land, the Philippines. This site is dedicated to show our sincerest faith that he is innocent from all the issues being hurled against him.

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140 Responses to "Bro. Eliseo Soriano is Innocent"

He is innocent and that is the truth..we do hope that justice will be serve..

I have no doubt in my mind that bro. Eli Soriano is innocent. It’s just that history repeating itself.

What happening to bro. eli today is what the bible tells us.He is the real preacher of the bilble in our times.

Yeah! Bro. Eli is an innocent man….. TANGA lang ang maniniwala sa mga paninirang ginagawa sa kaniya…..

thanks be to God to all the people that persecutes our leader bro eli because he went to another country to preach the true teaching of our LORD.

Wag sana kayong padala sa mga religiong ang gusto ay sundin ang kagustuhan ng kanilang ama especially GMA 7 and other TV Network. May tanda po ang religiong hindi sa dios mga kababayan. We can read it in the bible “John 8:44
New International Version (NIV)
44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies”.

Magising po sana tayo sa katotohanan na isa lamang ang tamang religion na iiral sa mundong itong hanggang sa nalalapit na pagdating ng wakas.
MAPALAD po tayo dahil sa grupong ‘ANG DATING DAAN’ presided by Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon ay nakitaan at nararamdaman natin ang tunay na pag-akay ng mga tapat na mangangaral sa panahong ito na nagsasa DIOS.
“Apocalipsis 1:3 Mapalad Ang Bumabasa At Nangakikinig At Tumutupad Ng Mga Bagay Na Nangasusulat Doon Sapagkat Ang Panahoy Malapit Na”.
“Ang dalisay na relihion at walang dungis sa harapan ng ating Dios at Ama ay ito, dalawin ang mga ulila at mga babaing bao sa kanilang kapighatian, at pagingatang walang dungis ang kaniyang sarili sa sanglibutan.” ( Santiago. 1:27 ).”

Sanay dumating ang araw nga na tayong lahat ay makapagsuri’t maliwanagan at samahan ng Dios na Makapangyarihan sa lahat sa tunay na religiong dapat paniwalaan at maaniban bago pa mahuli ang lahat.
“Deuteronomio 30:19
19 Aking tinatawag ang langit at ang lupa na pinakasaksi laban sa inyo sa araw na ito, na aking ilagay sa harap mo ang buhay at ang kamatayan, ang pagpapala at ang sumpa; kaya’t piliin mo ang buhay, upang ikaw ay mabuhay, ikaw at ang iyong binhi;”

Si Bro. Eli ay ginigipit ngayong ng mga i.n.c (also know as iglesia ni cristo). Iba’t ibang mga kaso ang kanilang inaatang kay Bro. Eli na pawang kasinungalingan at katha lamang.Ngunit ang aming tiwala ay may Dios na nakakaalam ng ating mga puso at ginagawa. Kayat maramdaman sana natin at tayoy matakot sa Dios na siyang hahatol sa lahat ng ating masamang mga gawa.

“Roma 12:19
Huwag kayong mangaghigantihan, mga iniibig, kundi bigyan ninyong daan ang galit ng Dios: sapagka’t nasusulat, Akin ang paghihiganti; ako ang gaganti, sabi ng Panginoon.”

Salamat sa Dios at kamiy naturuan ng mabuting asal na nasusulat sa biblia sa pangangaral ng kapatid na Eli Soriano at Bro. Daniel Razon.
To God Be The Glory.

I strongly believe that Bro. Eli Soriano is Innocent… because of his preachings.. I was blind but now I can see..

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